Monday, August 29, 2011

This is one of the few things I have made using a pattern lately. It was made from RedHearts Fashionista Farrah pattern. It was made to be a look alike for my daughter on a special day.

Created this little guy to go in my pig collection.
Sold the headband on etsy in my debbittybears shop. The bear is still available.

Another bear I created recently...although I have been told she looks a bit like a mouse? The headband went to my sister for her baby.

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Crochet of Recentness...or....Why my house is a mess.

I did not realize how much crocheting I have been doing until I started putting this blog together...I did some for gifts, an auction, and my etsy shop. My house is a wreck but I am having fun..
These headbands and hats were done with peruvian color red heart. For my etsy shop.

Another red heart yarn....for my shop....made freeform style.

THe set above was made as a gift for a friends baby...with instructions that the bear only be used a photo prop or decoration not a toy

The yellow hat was made with a super soft yarn that I immediately lost the label for.

The red hat was for the auction.

The hat below was for a cousins granddaughter.

The hat above and below were both done for the auction. They are school colors and my own pattern.

The hat above was created for the auction. I was blessed to teach a crochet class at the kids school. They all made squares for this pillow which was also auctioned off.

THe green hat above was made for my daughters speech teacher's baby.

Pattern for doll came from "" and the matching hat is my design.

Bumble bee hat just sort of faked it.

hat i made for a garden party...daughter wanted to wear it.

Above is a set I made for etsy after the one for a friend turned out so dang cute.....

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latest Work.

The hats above were made for a new niece.

I also gave them one of the leg warmers below.

Made Cell phone Pouches for myself and my daughter, we loop them through our belt loops, They work Great. I finally opened an etsy shop, below are some of the things I am selling. my etsy shop name is debbittybears.

I am also selling some legwarmers.
Today my daughter put on a hat and shawl I made. She looked so cute we did a little photo shoot.

The baby is modeling a bunny hat and leg warmers I am hoping to list on etsy tomorrow. (I try not to do business on sundays.) She thought the bunny went well with the March Hare look.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

http://http// Check out these darling crocheted Bears. I am so impressed. She is having a big giveaway of one of her darling bears...check out the link. Love, deBBie

Friday, March 25, 2011

I have had a request for this pattern. I didn't follow a written pattern but I can tell you pretty much what I did..

I probably used an H hook, and 9 (?) different colors.

1st 4, work 3 dc in 4th ch from hook, join to the top of a the chains with a sl st....when working the sl st I changed colors by pulling up a new color .

2nd 3 and work a dc in the same place, then dc around, join with a sl st changing colors again..

3rd row - 45(?)...repeat row two, increasing each time and changing colors....I went about 45 rows I think...unti the cap was wide enough for her head.

The next 9 rows or so I just worked even dc around each row, and changed colors when I joined the rows..The last row I did not change colors but continued in the same color for the ribbing.

To work the ribbing, I chained two at the beginning of the row, and the worked a dcfp (double crochet front post) and then a dcbp (double crochet back post) around, joined with a sl st, and then repeated that row.

I hope this was helpful to "Woman Of Many Names" who requested the pattern. If you make it I would like to see a picture.

The pompom was made by wrapping yarn repeatedly around my hand and then the loops were all tied together before they were cut...then I sewed it to the end of the hat.