Sunday, February 24, 2008

What is a Reborn Doll?

I discovered the art of reborning about the same time I started making thread bears. Reborn dolls are regular vinyl dolls that are taken apart and remade into more realistic and beautiful creations that are no longer toys. Ebay usually has MANY examples of reborns, and recently added a category just for them.

I haven't made one for a little while. They are time consuming, and the process takes several days between applications of paint, glue, etc.

The one below was my very first attempt. The kids named him Tom after Tom Sawyer because of his mischevious grin.

These were my second and third dolls. I am just starting to learn how to do the dolls. I went back and re-did their lip.

I started with the reborns about the same time my 7th daughter was born. She is 4 years old now.

I intended making reborns to sell on ebay but almost all of my dolls have been sold or given to friends and family. The ones below were sold to my sister and mom
My reborns have also ended up as comfort items. Both of the babies below went to women who had lost babies. While I would never suggest to someone who had lost a baby, "here hold this doll, it will make you feel better", that has been the case. The dolls are weighted to feel much more real in the arms than the original toy did and the women who recieved these commented on what a comfort they were.

Below are pictures of the only doll that ever made it to Ebay. She cost about 95 dollars to make and list. She sold for 180.00. A friend helped me with doing a nice HTML listing which probably helped with getting a higher price. I probably made about 10 dollars an hour.

These were made for two aunts. They had admired a doll I made for another aunt (Their Sister) so they requested ones of their own. These sleeping dollars are less expensive to make. I don't buy wigs or new bodies. They cost about 65 dollars to make.

All of the above dolls were made with Berenguer dolls that are available at most toy stores. has a nice selection of the dolls as well and they seem to be a higher quality than the ones i bought at department stores. They are also more expensive than the lesser quality dolls, but she has the entire available line.
She also has instructions available.

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love, deBBie

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is a picture I took for a "bears at play" contest we are doing in Threadanimals.

Some of my favorite artists' work is represented here. The bear in the front right is needlefelted. The baby in the crib is actually sculpted from polymer clay with crocheted bear cap. All of these bears were received as gifts from members in Threadanimals