Monday, July 21, 2008

Berta of recently sponsored a challenge in the yahoo group I run. She gave every participant a copy of a pattern for a bear and doll and then we were each to make our own version of the patterns. Here is my entry.

There were 135 total entries. To see all of them visit

They were judged by a "who's who" in the crochet world who narrowed it down. To see the finalists and winners visit...

I recently designed another purse. It is made of camilla cotton/silk thread. It was fun to make. I have all the notes but haven't typed it up yet. Sound familiar? But that hasn't stopped me from submitting it for consideration. And it didn't stop them from saying "not at the moment..thanks".

So now it sits in a bag in limbo...should i get it out and use it? Or save it in the hopes that I one day actually sell the pattern and have to send in the fabric. When I do use it it will be perfect for carrying yarn and crocheting as I go...hence the handy sngu wrist strap.

Since my baby was born (two years ago!!) I haven't gotten near the work done I would like. I have only sold one bear since she was born, it was a special order....for a lady who collects not bears, but boxes.

If you are interested in trying your hand a making thread bears I am running a special on my patterns through the rest of July. (see blog below).

This is a picture of me and my daughter. We attempted to enter a look alike contest with this picture but were late sending it in. I finished a beret for her at midnight last night that i started years ago, she wanted it for a camp she was heading to this week. but she took off for camp this week

Thursday, July 17, 2008

deBBittybears Pattern Sale !!

For a limited time I am offering my bear patterns at a discount.
They are regularly 5 dollars each, but I am offering the three of them for 10.00.
I can send the patterns via email, or please add 2.00 for a black and white mailed copy.
I will also send a copy of my spiraled purse pattern for free.
And of course I will be available in threadanimals to help with any questions you have when making my patterns

The three patterns


Mini Thread Teddy Bear. The sample was crocheted by Berta of ThReAdTeDs from my original pattern. My pattern is written for worsted weight yarn and a G hook but Berta made the sample with perle cotton size 12 and size 14 hook.

Snow Baby bear. The pattern is for the one on the top, but the one of the right can be made by using wool embroidery floss instead of worsted weight yarn.

and Humphrey, who is kind of the base for the rest of the bears I have made.

I can accept paypal. Please email me at to order.

I will also include this purse pattern free.

This offer expires on August 1st 2008.