Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here is the Old Man Bear. He is made from several different fibers including mohair and wool. He is supposed to look like he has patches of fur missing. He is probably about 9 inches tall. The biggest deBBittybear I have done. I am thinking of calling him Mr FitzWitz or something. I am probably going to list him in on ebay.

I mentioned I lost my harddrive last week...Many Many pictures and documents. It is still very sad for me. I found out that my dh had not given me a new hard drive but my old drive, so I lost a LOT of many sad... we ran recovery but the data cable fried the hard drive to the point that there is just nothing. On his computer which I had been using since mine was "being fixed" there were some things saved (that he had written over) that I was able to recover.

On the crochet side we were able to recover most of my bear patterns. I did lose the pattern for an afghan that I designed a few years ago. Someone else is looking at it so I need to retype it in. (thank goodness i have a hard copy.) I took some pictures of it today. I think it is beautiful...even if I did design it myself.

The yarn was SO expensive. I bought it for a contest so I justified it. Even then, the price was twice what I thought it would be. Over 100 dollars. OUCH! So I tried to make the nicest afghan I could and it was a pleasure working with that nice yarn and having it work up like it did. I wanted it to look like pieces of vintage chenille fabric pieced together.

Here is baby wrapped up in the blanket. (with big sister) She is the first kid to be wrapped in it. I have taken it out of the Cedar Chest for Photos today. But it went back in.

I have also been doing some tunisian crochet. I LOVE it. It works up so fast and looks really nice. I love doing striped scarfs with it. It creates this really cool reverse effect.

I also have a FREE pattern posted at It is for a mohair thread bear. The link is....

It is listed in their top ten.

Happy Crocheting!
love, deBBie

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 This pattern is now available for free at

My spiral purse pattern was also picked up by another site...

I may do some more work with them.

It is a pretty good pattern. Several members of crochet partners tested it for me and liked it a lot. Best of all it is FREE.

I finished my bear, he looks like an old man. I will post him tomorrow, IF my hubby gives me back my old hard drive. My new harddrive died two days after installation. I can only hope I haven't lost too much stuff created between the old drive and new hard drive when I was working on my hubby's computer. Please...not the christmas photos!! ACK!!!

Oh least I will always have this one...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have a web page as well....

I got out a bear I started before my baby was over 7 months ago. Couldn't do it. Note to self.....ALWAYS store the hook you are using WITH the project...or at least leave yourself a note!! Since I wasn't using a pattern I am not sure which hook I was I need to do some experiementing. It just needs the last of one leg and two arms. It will be a big bear with fuzzy patches everywhere, made with voodoo yarn and some other fibers.

Also finishing a second washcloth. I made up the gingham pattern and a way to do it without leaving any tails and making it fully reversible. Of course I really didn't make it up. I found out that it has a name! Tapestry Crochet. I joined a yahoo group with the same name and my work is very rustic compared to the beautiful work some are doing with tapestry crochet. There is also a book (or two) written on the subject by Carol Ventura. Gonna have to check those out.

Over Christmas we spent two weeks with family and friends. I didn't bring my hooks and didn't miss them at all! Kind of scared me. Thought maybe I was getting burned out. But I am definitely itching to start up a new project. I know I should finish all the old ones that is going to happen.

Question of the day..
What do you enjoy more? Starting a new project of finishing an old one? And with you have very many projects lying around waiting or do you just do one at a time?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

deBBitty Bears Crochet

I have been crocheting since I was a grandmother-taught child. My first project was a rusted orange colored hot pad that I never finished! I remember giving it to my mom on mother's day half-finished with a half hearted promise to finish it later! I took up my hooks again in college.

I made a huge blue monstrosity of an afghan for a current boyfriend. I think the whole thing was just single crochet. His mothers comment? "Wow she must really like you." I think that guy is a physicist or something now.

That summer, my boyfriends ( a different one by now) mother was kind enough to try and teach me to read a pattern. I made this brown and cream, huge (again!), granny-type square, afghan. Only I didn't quite get the whole starting chain counts a first stitch thing...and it was a mess. I gave it to my husband when I finally got it done about a year later. WELL! (he was my next boyfriend FIRST). but he never really used it. It was a very loose stitched thing and held no heat whatsoever. AND, thanks to my inexperience it began to unravel in the middle of the squares.

My skills have improved over the years....and my first published pattern was an afghan in Crochet World Magazine.

My hubby and I now have 8 kids and I don't get as much time to crochet as I would like.

My favorite crochet groups....
also at

This is a group that I created with a friend and helped grow to over 800 members. After the birth of my eigth I gave the ownership over to a friend ....and she is doing a great job. Toni also does the web sites for this group and........
also at

This group is where the members of threadanimals can list their items for sale.

This bear was made from my humphrey pattern. (available at I didn't use a pattern for the dress.

I also love ....

It is the BEST place to meet other crocheters and hob nob with the BEST in the business and learn something new practically every day.

Question of the day?

What is the difference between imitating someones crochet work and being inspired by it?