Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have a web page as well....

I got out a bear I started before my baby was over 7 months ago. Couldn't do it. Note to self.....ALWAYS store the hook you are using WITH the project...or at least leave yourself a note!! Since I wasn't using a pattern I am not sure which hook I was I need to do some experiementing. It just needs the last of one leg and two arms. It will be a big bear with fuzzy patches everywhere, made with voodoo yarn and some other fibers.

Also finishing a second washcloth. I made up the gingham pattern and a way to do it without leaving any tails and making it fully reversible. Of course I really didn't make it up. I found out that it has a name! Tapestry Crochet. I joined a yahoo group with the same name and my work is very rustic compared to the beautiful work some are doing with tapestry crochet. There is also a book (or two) written on the subject by Carol Ventura. Gonna have to check those out.

Over Christmas we spent two weeks with family and friends. I didn't bring my hooks and didn't miss them at all! Kind of scared me. Thought maybe I was getting burned out. But I am definitely itching to start up a new project. I know I should finish all the old ones that is going to happen.

Question of the day..
What do you enjoy more? Starting a new project of finishing an old one? And with you have very many projects lying around waiting or do you just do one at a time?

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