Sunday, May 27, 2007

Helen won my trivia contest from the last post. Helen, please email me.


I purchased 10 skeins of recycled sari silk yarn from 888kn on ebay. The yarn is made from the threads cut off the ends of looms where Sari's are woven. It is very beautiful and textural.
I LOVE the colors.

The yarn had a very musty I hung it outstide for over a week, it looks lovely hanging on a line on my front porch but it didn't help dissipate the smell. I think it gets musty because the women (or men?) who spin it, also wash it well and then perhaps it isn't quite dry when twisted into skeins and shipped. I still really enjoyed working with it. And when I finished the first purse I washed it in the washing machine and line dried it. It still smelled funky so I washed it in a bowl with just a drop or two of bleach and now it smells fine. AND, for being washed and bleached the purse still looks OK. Here is a picture of my oldest daughter with her new purse. I enjoyed making my daughters purse which was basically two squares in tunisian.
But I wanted something a little more funky and stiffer for myself. Below is the purse I made for me. I haven't bleached it yet, but i am already using it a lot. It weighs quite a bit. I am beginning to see why plastic handles are popular because the crocheted ones stretch so much. I reinforced my purse handle with a reverse single crochet around the edge.

The entire thing was crocheted in back loops with bobbles and a flower. It also has a tie to close it. There is also a flower, but I don't know if you can see it?

Hope you enjoyed my Sari Yarn Saga. Have a great day!

Love, deBBie

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Bella Mystic Design said...

Hi..I love the Sari Silk. I have never heard of the Yarn made from it. Would you mind sharing where it can be purchased from? Thank you

deBBie said...

I got it off ebay from user 888kn.