Saturday, November 10, 2007

Recent Projects.

A Baby Bunting Doll. This pattern can be found at

It is on its way to France in hopes of bringing comfort to a friend and a smile to her daughter.

This silly bear is also on his way to France. He is made with a yarn called Nob Hill that I am really enjoying working with. It also divides beautifully and I am working on another bear with just the colored strand.

Another hat design. Hopefully the pattern will be available soon. I will let you know where.

I am also trying something new. I have taken the wool roving pictured below right and divided it several times into long stands about 1/4 inch wide. I have been crocheting and unraveling it and found it quite durable. I am hoping to make a small purse with it and then try felting it. I have seen a hat pattern crocheted with unspun roving but can't remember where.

If you would like to see a gallery of my bears they are pictured on my website

Have a great day!

love, deBBie

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