Thursday, October 30, 2008

I don't have a pattern for this hat. I made a bunch of different hats to sell at a boutique but I keep giving them away to my kids. This one is made with worsted weight yar for the hat and ribbon yarn for the tassles. Thanks for looking at my blog.


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Deb said...

Now, deBBie, it's really not fair to show us this adorable hat and then say you don't have a pattern for it :-) Do you remember the stitch count, overall length, about how far up (or down) you started the decreases (or increases, depending on which direction you worked the hat), or any more general info like that? It truly is a very cute hat and now I'll have to try to make one similar, when I have so many other things to get done... I love your bears, too!

deBBie said...

Hey Deb,
I am responding to your post on my blog. I can give you the general way I do the spiral hats.

I work ribbing across 7 stitches first in back loop and then front loops until it gets the length I want then slipstitch the ends together.

Then I work sc in the end of each row around...

Then working in rounds (without joining) and in back loops I start the next rnd with a sl st, then a sc, then a hdc, then a dc....then continue in dc for the rest of the hat...(ALWAYS back loops)

to make a longer hat I just decrease once every round, for shorter hats I decrease more often.

When it is finished you should have the free loop from the stitches winding up in a spiral..I work a single crochet in each free looop.

The tassle on the blue one was ribbon yarn.

love, deBBie

Deb said...

Thanks so much for sharing your process! I'm off to attempt my own deBBie hat...