Sunday, August 15, 2010

A friend's daughter is going to college and wanted a hat. She said "it is the kind that hangs off the back of your head and you aren'tsure how it holds on".

She sent this picture from

She also sent this picture.

In my search for a good beret pattern I found

She has an amazing amount of free crochet lessons. Anyway...her Aug 6th 2010 post is a pattern for this rug.
So I decided to use that pattern and make a beret. This is the final results.
I worked the pattern for 9 rows and then worked basically even for two rows, then decreased for three rows then worked 5 rows of sc with a pattern. I hope it fits the girl. (It fits my daughter OK as seen in pictures.) do you think it will work??

Thanks for looking!


CrochetDad said...

Great resourcefulness - turning a rug pattern into a beret. You did a great job. I am also amazed at the amount of lessons and free crochet projects on Teresa's Crochet-Mania site.

Jessica-Jean said...

Last week I also went to crochetmania and saw that spiral/swirl afghan. I began one immediately. I have knit one that looks similar, but I wanted something that would eat more yarn faster. It's perfect! When one of the more crochet-inclined members of our knitting group saw it yesterday, she said it would be a good base for a beret - of the slouchy kind. Thank you for figuring out how to do that; I'll send your post to her. (She doesn't do big items like afghans and blankets.)

deBBie said... Pattern for hat