Thursday, May 05, 2011

Crochet of Recentness...or....Why my house is a mess.

I did not realize how much crocheting I have been doing until I started putting this blog together...I did some for gifts, an auction, and my etsy shop. My house is a wreck but I am having fun..
These headbands and hats were done with peruvian color red heart. For my etsy shop.

Another red heart yarn....for my shop....made freeform style.

THe set above was made as a gift for a friends baby...with instructions that the bear only be used a photo prop or decoration not a toy

The yellow hat was made with a super soft yarn that I immediately lost the label for.

The red hat was for the auction.

The hat below was for a cousins granddaughter.

The hat above and below were both done for the auction. They are school colors and my own pattern.

The hat above was created for the auction. I was blessed to teach a crochet class at the kids school. They all made squares for this pillow which was also auctioned off.

THe green hat above was made for my daughters speech teacher's baby.

Pattern for doll came from "" and the matching hat is my design.

Bumble bee hat just sort of faked it.

hat i made for a garden party...daughter wanted to wear it.

Above is a set I made for etsy after the one for a friend turned out so dang cute.....

THanks for stopping by. Please leave a message you were here...I could really use the encouragement!


River Glorious said...

very VERY nice work, esp. the square hats. :)

laurelei said...

The bear, Dear Lady, is the cutest thing EVER. I'm a member of Crochet Partners and saw it posted there. I just love love love him!! Your work is all ridiculously beautiful.

cherielynn09 said...

WOW...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your beautiful work!!!

I only WISH I could do something like that!!!!

I especially LOVE the little "big head" teddy bears...ADORABLE

cherielynn09 said...

I absolutely LOVE your work!!!

You are a VERY talented lady!!

I especially like your little "big headed" teddy bears...totally ADORABLE