Monday, July 15, 2013

Newborn Elf Hat

Free Crochet baby elf hat Pattern

By Debbie Nicholas

Materials Needed
Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Soft Red Heart Yarn)
Hook sizes F and G

Step 1
Using an F hook make the....

Row 1- ch 7 and sc in each st across (6 sc)turn
Row 2- ch 2, hdc in each Back Loop across, turn (6 hdc)
Row 3- ch1, sc in each back loop across
Row 4-39: repeat row 2-3
Row 40 repeat row 2

Now measure your length of ribbing. It should be 13-14 inches long for a newborn.  If it is OK  bring the top of the last row around to meet the bottom of the starting chain.  The slip stitch the back loop of row 40 to the free loop at the bottom of the starting chain.

*If it is too short or you need it longer, just continue in the pattern to desired length.

Do not cut the yarn, get your G hook ready for the next steps.

Step 2
with G hook
Round 1- ch 3 and then work 60 dc around. To do this I put a dc in the end of sc rows and 2 dcs across end of hdc rows. (61, counting ch 3 as a dc)
Rounds 2-4 dc around (61)

(if you want a taller hat then work a few more rows)
ready to decrease?

Step 3
Round 5: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 8, repeat from * around (55)
Round 6: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 7, repeat from * around (49)
Round 7: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 6, repeat from * around (43)
Round 8: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 5, repeat from * around (37)
Round 9: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 4, repeat from * around (31)
Round 10: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 3, repeat from * around (25)
Round 11: ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 2, repeat from * around (19)
Round 12:ch 3, *dc2tog, dc in 1, repeat from * around (13)
(if you made longer ribbing, then continue to decrease until you get to 13 stitches left)
Round 13 ch 3, dc2tog around (7)
Round 14 ch 3, dc2tog around (4)
Round 15-22, ch 3, dc around (4)

fasten off. tie long top into knot.

copyright Debbie Nicholas July 2013, all rights reserved

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