Thursday, June 14, 2007

I finished another bag today. I am so enjoying making bags!! This one is made with voodoo yarn which creates the fuzzy, lambs wool effect. I did it in tunisiain crochet. i also used bleached sari yarn with the reverse side of the tunisian showing , and then switched again to create the fuzzy around the opening at the top. it was fun to make and i am planning on giving it to one of my daughters friends. i hope she loves it and doesn't think it is too weird. The reaction to my bags seems to sway between "That is so cool!" to "Well...OK...Hmmm". What do you think?, deBBie

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CrochetDebz said...

Its a VERY cute bag and i'd be well happy if my friends mom gave me something she made and the bag certainly would be well used! lol LOVE IT